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Addie Heartkin, CHN, CLC, RWP

Holistic Nutritionist in Scottsdale, AZ

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"My passion for natural wellness comes from my own journey of healing from a severe presentation of ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune digestive disease.  Having fully recovered from such an intense disease without the use of medications or surgery, it was an obvious next step for me to share what I learned so I can help others to do the same!" 

Addie Heartkin is a certified holistic nutritionist, a Level 1 Restorative Wellness Practitioner, and a certified life coach. She has a degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and has been studying health and natural healing modalities since 2006. She is currently on the faculty at Energetic Health Institute where she teaches holistic nutrition to students in their certification program.
Addie specializes in a holistic and functional approach to digestive wellness. She utilizes natural methods such as nutrition, lifestyle, and therapeutic supplementation to provide relief from digestive imbalances and related conditions.  Addie has successfully developed and guided clients through individualized healing protocols for a variety of issues such as thyroid disorders, weight gain, psoriasis, fatigue, and digestive distress. She offers interpretations for food sensitivity testing, comprehensive stool analysis, and functional blood analysis.  
In 2007, after being bed-ridden for two years with countless trips to the ICU, Addie was told she had a maximum of three months to live unless she agreed to surgically remove her colon or get regular injections of immune-suppressing medication for the rest of her life. Instead, she spent the next 8 years studying natural health while she vowed to never go back to a hospital or GI doctor for that disease again. 

Addie enjoys hiking, fitness, and playing piano. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Jeremiah, and has two boys who were both born at home. Together, they have a dachshund named Lady and a thriving pet sitting business that keeps them busy in their free time.