Look Natural. Feel Radiant.

Natural Radiance Med Spa & Wellness

Fully integrated Aesthetics and Wellness Arts in Scottsdale

Integrated approaches

A Physician Directed Institute

Natural Radiance Med Spa is the only med spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, that completely integrates the aesthetic and wellness arts. Led by triple board-certified Scott Edwards, MD, clients are cared for in a holistic manner to maximize their outcomes. Whether your goal is to look younger, feel better, be more healthy, or all of the above, you have found a home at Natural Radiance.

natural and organic

Our Mission

Natural Radiance seeks to guide you in reaching your natural beauty, optimal health and wellness.
 We are a physician-directed, comprehensive facility that intimately integrates the most reliable, evidence-based disciplines in medical aesthetics, esthetics, and wellness. We strive to focus on the most natural and organic approaches available to achieve the most natural and organic results for you.

 Natural Radiance promotes and disseminates this powerful method of integration as a pathway to excellence. Educating other community professionals in our classrooms is equally important to us as educating clients in our treatment rooms.

Transformative Experiences from our Clients


Angela M.

“So happy I came! Before I came to Natural Radiance, I admit I was a little overwhelmed about all the options out there. It was so hard to know what was real and what was a sales pitch. Dr. Edwards spent a lot of time with me going through everything, what I needed and what I didn’t need, showing how things worked, and more importantly how different treatments worked together. With this knowledge, I was able to come up with a plan that was individualized to me, not something pushed on me. The results were amazing!”

Kellee S.

“I found the Fountain of Youth! I went into Natural Radiance wanting to get rid of a few wrinkles, but I left feeling better as well! I LOVE how they address the whole person! This place is very different.”

Liz P.

“Wow! I wanted to look younger, but not “overdone” or make it so it was obvious to my husband and friends. I LOVE how everyone at Natural Radiance focuses on a gradual progression that leaves you looking natural. Now I look like a younger version of myself, not someone else. And no one knows I did anything – they just see me looking fabulous!”

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