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male sexual health

Male Sexual Health services offered in Scottsdale, AZDo you struggle in the bedroom because of erectile dysfunction (ED) or a low sex drive? If you’re looking to enhance your sexual health, turn to Natural Radiance Med Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Board-certified physician Scott Edwards, MD, and the outstanding staff offer comprehensive male sexual health services to get your sex life back on track. Call the office to learn more, or use the online scheduler today.

What is male sexual health?

Sexual health for men includes sexual functioning, sexual desire, and the health of their sexual organs. The Natural Radiance Med Spa experts are highly experienced in various male health treatments to improve your sexual health and overall well-being.

What are the common male sexual health challenges?

Some of the sexual health problems men may face include:

    • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Low sex drive
    • Sexual anxiety
    • Low testosterone
    • Inadequate penis size

Detecting and treating these or other male sexual health challenges is one of the best ways to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.The risk factors for developing male sexual health issues include older age, lack of exercise, being overweight, stress, depression, and poor nutritional habits.

What happens during male sexual health exams?

During a male sexual health exam, your Natural Radiance Med Spa provider asks about your personal and family medical histories.

They also review your symptoms, concerns, and lifestyle habits. Your specialist weighs you, checks your vital signs, and completes a physical exam, including a prostate exam if needed. You might require blood tests, urine testing, an ultrasound, or STD testing, depending on your risk factors and symptoms.

What are examples of male sexual health treatments?

If you struggle in the bedroom, suffer from hormone imbalance, or have other men’s sexual health concerns, the Natural Radiance Med Spa providers are here for you. They offer intimacy enhancement treatments, such as penis enlargement and laser hair removal for your intimate areas.

Natural Radiance Med Spa provides the P-Shot®, using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, to improve blood flow and erections. Your provider takes a sample of your blood, extracts the platelets from it, and injects PRP into your penis after first numbing it to avoid any pain.

You might try testosterone therapy; counseling for stress, anxiety, or depression, nutrition counseling, or medications that can address many sexual health concerns. Peptide treatments also may help to unlock your sexual potential. Your Natural Radiance Med Spa specialist tailors a treatment plan that’s best for your unique needs.

To schedule a male sexual health visit at Natural Radiance Med Spa, call the office or use the online booking tool today.

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