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From Luxury to Lifeline: The Growing Trend of Regular Massages for Wellness at Natural Radiance

In the past, getting a massage was a luxury for those who could afford it.  However, these days more people are getting them regularly as the awareness of their long-term benefits increases.  At Natural Radiance, we are happy to bring this powerful wellness service to you.

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Our Massage Services

Medium to firm pressure that specifically targets the areas of tightness in the body. A wide range of techniques are used including more aggressive stretching and some deeper tissue techniques.

Firm pressure using slow, deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. Trigger point, targeted cupping and a percussion gun may be applied.

A wide range of techniques may be used in this massage depending on the need. This may include muscle stripping, cupping, contrast therapy, myofascial, trigger point and stretching.

A light pressure massage. Gentle joint stretches add to the full body relaxation. To further your relaxation a hot towel foot massage is added followed by an application of a hydrating cream.

Lymphatic facial drainage (LFD) assists in relieving cranial pressure related to swelling/edema, sinus congestion, headaches, and migraines. This specialized facial massage helps reduce, puffiness, fine lines, eye bags and a saggy jaw line. LFD also includes massaging and clearing the neck, ears, and head to reduce fluid, as well as allow for optimal draining and decrease in pressure.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialized medical massage technique used to decongest the lymphatic system ensuring proper fluid flow; in-turn increasing circulation, filtration and cleansing of toxins and wastes. MLD helps post-op/post trauma clients reduce edema, stiffness and pain, and is extremely beneficial to oncology (cancer) patients. Aids in reducing stress, PTSD, and relaxing auto-immune and compromised nervous systems.

This is a medium pressure massage adding in dynamic cupping

and stagnant cupping techniques where needed on the body..

The benefits of cupping include: encourage blood flow, loosen

muscles and sedate the nervous system among other benefits.

CST is a gentle, light technique that works with the soft tissue structures of the body and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid between the head and the base of the spine. Relieving tension in the CNS restores the body by eliminating pain and releasing physical and emotional stress.



Joanne Osberg Custom Radiance Facials, Radiance Body Treatments

I have received Custom Radiance Facials and Radiance Body Treatments from Hannah Harper more times than I count because they are now just a part of my wellness routine. I can't wait to see Hannah and have her study my skin and know exactly what I need to feel and look my best.

Jody Stuckhardt Microneedling, Dermaplaning

I’ve had the most amazing treatments done by Dr.Scott and his team! It’s such a beautiful med spa with every detail covered. Red light therapy in the lounge is one of my favorites! Dr. Scott takes the time and is so personable and I appreciate the time he’s spent with me!

Nidia Elm IV Therapy

Absolutely love this place! Everything is immaculate and the staff is super friendly and helpful! I had an IV treatment with Jillian. She's amazing and knows what she's doing! I went in feeling tired and yucky, and walked out relaxed, refreshed, and feeling great! The IV results are incredible!

Emily Gibson Massage

I had a wonderful experience my first time going! I was greeted with a beautiful smile from the front desk lady, the facility is really nice and I loved loved loved my massage! Teg is so sweet and compassionate about what she does! If you haven’t already booked with her then I highly recommend!!!

Daphne Bernal Liposuction

Natural Radiance Med Spa met my expectations from the very beginning with a friendly staff and great calming ambiance. Dr. Scott called frequently, to check on me, which gave me a true sense that he is a caring physician. This is very high tech modern facility.

S A Sculptra, IV Therapy, Botox, HydraFacial

Can’t say enough great things about this med spa! They are absolute professionals and are well trained and versed in many areas! It’s so nice not having to go to multiple med spa’s anymore, I’m so happy I gave them a try. Highly recommend! So much easier now going to one place for everything I need.

Brittany Martin Facial

I had a glorious facial with Sage! Her facial massage was the best that I have ever received. I have very sensitive skin and typically leave much more red than when I arrived. For the first time in several months my skin was balanced, calm, clear and so soft. She was very professional, addressed any concerns that I had and gave me an amazing hour of self care.

Julianne Meyer Laser Hair Removal

My experience here at Natural Radiance Med Spa & Wellness was truly amazing! Natalie is such a sweet soul and is so involved with each of her clients. Natalie is an excellent provider when it comes to laser hair removal! She talked me through the entire process and made sure I was ok after my treatment.

Emily Chelgren IV Therapy

I had a wonderful experience a few weeks ago for a much needed hydrating IV! Jillian was my nurse and did a fantastic job! She helped me choose the right IV for the day and was knowledgeable about all the options. During the process the chairs were extra comfy and it was such a treat to sit under the lights and take a nice little rest for the afternoon.

Nathaniel Estepp Microneeedling

I came to Natural Radiance medspa to get my eyebrows Nano bladed by Kellee Klinock. The facility is absolutely beautiful and professionally done. I’m a guy, and I was very particular about my desired results wanting them to be natural and hyper realistic. Kellee listened to what I was wanting and helped me visualize what would best suit my face and look as natural as possible.

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