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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition services offered in Scottsdale, AZ
Proper nutrition is the key to maintaining exceptional health and wellness. At Natural Radiance Med Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, triple board-certified Scott Edwards, MD, and its experienced nutritionists offer holistic nutrition services to keep you healthy, optimize your athletic performance, and reduce your risk of obesity and other medical problems. Call the office to schedule a consultation or use the online booking tool today.

What is holistic nutrition?

Holistic nutrition at Natural Radiance Med Spa uses custom-designed meal plans, dietary supplements, and nutrition education to improve dietary habits or help you better boost your immunity, vitalize your energy levels, better manage chronic disease, prevent illness, and maximize your athletic performances. What makes it holistic is the approach to the whole body, considering how different physiology systems work together.

More natural or organic solutions are the mainstay of treatments, allowing the body to function optimally, rather than artificially forcing it. The Natural Radiance Med Spa experts have a great amount of training in natural nutrition services that enhance wellness and reduce the need to take medications.

What are the benefits of holistic nutrition?

Some of the benefits you can expect when choosing holistic nutrition at Natural Radiance Med Spa include:

  • More energy
  • Healthy weight management
  • Reduced nutrient deficiencies
  • Better chronic disease management
  • Lower risk of illnesses and diseases
  • Stronger immune functioning
  • Better athletic performance
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Improvements in the quality of life
  • Reduced body fat
  • Healthier hair, skin, and nails

Holistic nutrition can help you look better, feel better, and gain self-confidence. Good nutrition helps you manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or other chronic conditions.

What should I expect during holistic nutrition?

To determine which holistic nutrition plan is best for you, your Natural Radiance Med Spa specialist often completes the following:

  • Medical history review: Your specialist reviews your medical history, symptoms, and lifestyle habits to determine which holistic nutrition plan best matches your needs. They often ask about your usual dietary intake.
  • Vital signs check: Your Natural Radiance Med Spa provider weighs you, determines your body mass index (BMI), and checks your blood pressure and other vital signs.
  • Physical exam: They complete a physical exam to evaluate your health and wellness, checking for signs of medical problems.
  • Diagnostics: Your specialist may order blood tests, heart-function testing, or other diagnostic tests to evaluate your nutritional status and well-being.
  • Nutrition plan development: Your provider develops a meal plan, which may include natural dietary supplements, to help you achieve or maintain an ideal weight, stay healthy, or properly manage a chronic disease. They offer advice about exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and more.

Your specialist follows up with you periodically to make sure your nutrition program works effectively. They change the nutrition plan whenever needed to maximize your outcome.

Which integrated services help improve my holistic nutritional outcomes?

Natural Radiance is dedicated to having you Look Natural and Feel Radiant! Beauty and wellness begins with proper nutrition. Once this foundation is established, and healthy eating habits are implemented, other services may be effective in taking your wellness to the next level. Intravenous (IV) therapy and peptide treatments may enhance certain systemic processes to properly metabolize nutrients. Correcting any hormone imbalance with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) would allow you to utilize your improved nutritional status more effectively.

Once your body is optimally nourished and primed metabolically, it is best prepared for the many aesthetic and wellness services to allow your internal glow to shine through. To learn more about holistic nutrition at Natural Radiance Med Spa and find out which meal plan or supplement are right for you, call the office or use the online booking feature today.

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