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The Natural Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness experts have many years of experience and extensive training in aesthetic facials to ensure exceptional results.


Revitalize Your Beauty: Discover Our Expert Esthetic Services for a Radiant You

Our medical spa offers a comprehensive range of esthetic services to help you look and feel your best. Our licensed estheticians are highly skilled in the latest techniques and use only the safest and most effective products to ensure optimal results.

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If you are tired of dull, imperfect skin and desire a healthy glow, turn to Natural Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness in Scottsdale, Arizona.


If you are tired of dull, imperfect skin and desire a healthy glow, turn to Natural Radiance Med Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Triple board-certified Dr. Scott, MD, and the superior estheticians offer revitalizing aesthetic facials to make your skin look younger and healthier with fewer blemishes.
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Chemical Peels

Acne, scarring, rough skin, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections can diminish the appearance of beautiful skin.

Chemical Peels

Acne, scarring, rough skin, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections can diminish the appearance of beautiful skin. At Natural Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness in Scottsdale, Arizona, triple board-certified Dr. Scott, MD, and the expert staff offer anti-aging chemical peels to take years off your appearance and perfect your skin.
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Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of applying makeup daily and removing it every night?

Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of applying makeup daily and removing it every night? If so, a simple, long-term solution is within reach at Natural Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness in Scottsdale, Arizona. Triple board-certified Dr. Scott, MD, and expert PMU artist, Kellee Klinock, offer permanent makeup to improve your aesthetic appearance and save you time and money in the long run.
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More Services

With a professional skin consultation and evaluation of your skin, the esthetician will determine the best products and treatment plan for you and your skin goals! Double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, treatment masks, hydration, and SPF protection!

All that you love from a custom facial plus an enhancement of extra time with specialize esthetic machines to meet your specific needs

This facial includes all the features of a custom radiance facial with lengthened massage, and an extra targeted treatment to address your main skin care concern (90 min)

This Ayurvedic focused facial uses all Dosha balancing Skin care and Kansa massage. Prior to this treatment you will take a quick test to find your dominant Dosha. This will help guide your treatment to be customized for your skin's needs. Facial dry brushing, double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, kansa foot and facial massage, treatment mask, corrective serums, Hydration.

Gua sha is a facial massage technique that involves gently scraping the skins surface with a smooth, edged tool or stone, like jade or rose quartz. Benefits include contouring and sculpting the face, increased circulation and blood flow, improved fine lines and wrinkles, and relieving muscle tension.

Facial cupping is an alternative therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tensions, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration. Other benefits include minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decreased puffiness, brightening the skin, relieving sinus pressure and promoting lymphatic drainage.

This is one of the most popular ways to exfoliate the skin and leave you glowing! The esthetician can add this into any facial to boost the benefits of the products used and also removes any unwanted vellus hair (Peach Fuzz).

Acupressure technique to stimulate the pressure point to reduce anxiety and stress.

Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure. It is a revolutionary way to tighten skin, while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is considered “soft surgery”, because unlike some other skin tightening cosmetic procedures, no scalpels or other surgical instruments are used. Instead, it uses a plasma device (plasma pen) to trigger a reaction and reduce the volume of excess skin.

Facial and Body waxing is offered using Nufree - a soy based product that completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft and papilla, unlike a lot of other hair removal products available.

A customized facial for your back's needs. Whether it's a deep clean, extraction focused or even helping with texture or pigmentation. Your back deserves love just like your face! Double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, Treatment mask, scalp massage, Hydration.

Semi-permanent non-invasive procedure that temporarily adjusts the direction of the natural brow for a fuller and fluffier appearance.

Semi-permanent dyes to enhance, shape, and define your brows.

Semi-permanent dyes to enhance, shape, and define your lashes.

A chemical peel is a non-surgical procedure that exfoliates dead cells and peels away the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. There are light, medium, and deep chemical peels options

Involves waxing and tweezing along your brow’s natural lines to ensure

a perfect contour.

Awaken and revitalize your eyes with non-surgical plasma lift cosmetic procedure for your eyes + bespoke Nano machine hair stroke Brows or Powder Brows.

A soft dusting of color to look like powder makeup.

The most high-end and natural looking technique in cosmetic tattooing. No cutting, bleeding or unsightly downtime. Nano is gentle enough for all skin types. Natural enough for men and women.

Machine hair strokes + shading for a hyperrealistic 3-dimensional brow or a brow that looks natural but pops with the soft powder makeup effect.

Add fullness, improve symmetry and have lip color that doesn’t wipe off on your clothes, a glass or during a kiss. This is a semi-permanent pigmentation technique to restore, correct or enhance color for lips.

The all-natural removal system uses bentonite clay to lift every color and type of tattoo pigment up and out of your skin. Appropriate for small tattoos including PMU.

Uses an electrical charge to heat the lower dermal layer to trigger collagen production in the upper eyelids, frown lines, lower eyelid, brows, and crow’s feet.



Joanne Osberg Custom Radiance Facials, Radiance Body Treatments

I have received Custom Radiance Facials and Radiance Body Treatments from Hannah Harper more times than I count because they are now just a part of my wellness routine. I can't wait to see Hannah and have her study my skin and know exactly what I need to feel and look my best.

Jody Stuckhardt Microneedling, Dermaplaning

I’ve had the most amazing treatments done by Dr.Scott and his team! It’s such a beautiful med spa with every detail covered. Red light therapy in the lounge is one of my favorites! Dr. Scott takes the time and is so personable and I appreciate the time he’s spent with me!

Nidia Elm IV Therapy

Absolutely love this place! Everything is immaculate and the staff is super friendly and helpful! I had an IV treatment with Jillian. She's amazing and knows what she's doing! I went in feeling tired and yucky, and walked out relaxed, refreshed, and feeling great! The IV results are incredible!

Emily Gibson Massage

I had a wonderful experience my first time going! I was greeted with a beautiful smile from the front desk lady, the facility is really nice and I loved loved loved my massage! Teg is so sweet and compassionate about what she does! If you haven’t already booked with her then I highly recommend!!!

Daphne Bernal Liposuction

Natural Radiance Med Spa met my expectations from the very beginning with a friendly staff and great calming ambiance. Dr. Scott called frequently, to check on me, which gave me a true sense that he is a caring physician. This is very high tech modern facility.

S A Sculptra, IV Therapy, Botox, HydraFacial

Can’t say enough great things about this med spa! They are absolute professionals and are well trained and versed in many areas! It’s so nice not having to go to multiple med spa’s anymore, I’m so happy I gave them a try. Highly recommend! So much easier now going to one place for everything I need.

Brittany Martin Facial

I had a glorious facial with Sage! Her facial massage was the best that I have ever received. I have very sensitive skin and typically leave much more red than when I arrived. For the first time in several months my skin was balanced, calm, clear and so soft. She was very professional, addressed any concerns that I had and gave me an amazing hour of self care.

Julianne Meyer Laser Hair Removal

My experience here at Natural Radiance Med Spa & Wellness was truly amazing! Natalie is such a sweet soul and is so involved with each of her clients. Natalie is an excellent provider when it comes to laser hair removal! She talked me through the entire process and made sure I was ok after my treatment.

Emily Chelgren IV Therapy

I had a wonderful experience a few weeks ago for a much needed hydrating IV! Jillian was my nurse and did a fantastic job! She helped me choose the right IV for the day and was knowledgeable about all the options. During the process the chairs were extra comfy and it was such a treat to sit under the lights and take a nice little rest for the afternoon.

Nathaniel Estepp Microneeedling

I came to Natural Radiance medspa to get my eyebrows Nano bladed by Kellee Klinock. The facility is absolutely beautiful and professionally done. I’m a guy, and I was very particular about my desired results wanting them to be natural and hyper realistic. Kellee listened to what I was wanting and helped me visualize what would best suit my face and look as natural as possible.

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To learn more about FunScultpting liposuction at Natural Radiance Aesthetics & Wellness and find out if it is right for you, call the office or use the online booking tool today.