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Neck Lines

Are you dismayed to see the signs of age affecting your neck, with unsightly necklines marring your appearance? Whether the cause is sun exposure, the aging process or years of looking down at a screen, neck lines can leave you looking older and less attractive.

You can only wear turtlenecks and scarves to hide neck lines for a few months of the year in Arizona. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic treatment to resolve neck lines, and restore a smoother, younger look to your neck. At Natural Radiance, we offer a variety of non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate the neck to restore a more youthful appearance – which makes a significant difference in your overall appearance.

Vertical Neck Lines

Perhaps you have noticed pronounced vertical lines rising from the base of your neck to your chin, a change than is one of the early signs of aging. This has to do with changes in a muscle known as the platysma muscle, a sheet of muscle that rises from the chest and shoulders, over the collarbone and upward along the sides of the neck.

Over time, the cells in this muscle can become bigger, causing the tissue to enlarge. In addition, repetitive motion of the neck over the years, can cause these muscles to sag. The result: pronounced vertical lines, known as “platysmal bands” start to appear in the neck. Injections of small amounts of neurotoxin into the bands can cause the muscle to relax, significantly softening the appearance of these unsightly muscle bands.

Horizontal Neck Lines

Troubling neck lines wrinkles are being seen increasingly as we spend more and more time gazing down at our phones and laptops. In fact, horizontal neck lines are so prevalent that the term “tech neck” has come into regular use.

Something as simple as posture can have a real impact. The “tech neck” wrinkle outbreak is so named because it is a direct consequence of millions of men and women spending millions of hours gazing down at phones, computer screens, tablets and other electronic devices. Preserving the health of the skin on your neck could be one of the most positive benefits of reducing screen time! If you cannot limit phone use due to work or other reason, be aware of how you hold your head when viewing your electronic device. If you realize your head is tilted downward for an extended period, make an adjustment and hold your head level as much as possible by elevating your device.


The skin on the neck is more prone to dryness than facial skin. If you are in the habit of putting sunscreen on your face, do not forget to apply it to your neck as well. There are a variety of neck creams that help hydrate and condition your skin to maintain firmness and elasticity for longer. In addition to an amazing assortment of facials, we offer a range of exclusive products that are known to produce results. Our experienced skincare specialist can guide you to the products we recommend.

Loss of collagen, a natural part of aging, is a common factor in the development of vertical neck lines. Dermal fillers can be skillfully injected to replace lost collagen, adding to a youthful fullness that addresses neck lines, smoothing the area, giving your neck a much younger, firmer appearance. A somewhat more gradual technique would be to inject Sculptra or insert tiny PDO threads which stimulates your body into making its own collagen. These are fast, non-invasive treatments involve almost no downtime.

Are you a sun lover?

Even if you have not spent long hours laying out soaking up rays, prolonged exposure to the sun will impact the appearance of your neck over time. Too much ultraviolet light can lead to skin discoloration, damage natural collagen and give your skin a rougher, unevenly-toned, and far less attractive texture.

Anti-aging laser resurfacing procedure utilizes light to tighten, firm, smooth and resurface your skin. The light passes through the surface layer of the skin, with directed light energy that works to stimulate the growth of new natural collagen. At the same time, it breaks apart age spots and other skin discolorations, causing them to be absorbed into the skin. This cosmetic procedure can also address sun-damaged areas of the chest.

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