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Saggy Skin

Many people want to resolve the appearance of saggy skin, but want to avoid invasive surgery. New technologies provide the opportunity to tighten and smooth sagging skin without a surgical procedure.

Skin looses its collagen and elastin properties with advancing age. This process is accelerated with sun-exposure. Collagen is the protein that helps the skin maintain elasticity, and gives it that unmistakable fresh, youthful glow. Elastin allows the skin to stretch and recoil without inducing damage. With reduced collagen and elastin, skin looses its ability to hold tension and it begin to giveaway to gravity and sag.

A facelift is invasive surgery, in which the sagging skin is removed and the facial skin repositioned. This procedure can often leave scars and, in the end, give your face an unnaturally tight appearance. The use of advanced non-surgical technologies means there is no downtime. You can return to your normal activities at once, and the result will appear natural and fresh.

Integrated treatment strategies focus on first restoring the mechanical properties of skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin it has lost. This can be done very effectively with RF microneedling. Others non-surgical techniques at Natural Radiance to improve the structure of the skin would include chemical peels, dermal fillers and Sculptra.

Once the skin is more healthy and is able to hold tension, the skin can now be tightened and lifted. The most advanced laser treatments at Natural Radiance can target the areas of skin that are drooping or sagging by working on the underlying deep connective muscles and tissues. The laser uses ultrasound to heat the tissues in the skin, tightening and lifting it. This treatment has added benefits – it encourages the natural production of collagen. You will see a noticeable difference almost immediately, but as the skin responds to the triggers to produce collagen, the full results are achieved within about three months.

The most dramatic non-surgical skin tightening treatment is the ThermiTight. During this remarkable technique, a thin radiofrequency needle is inserted under the skin and the causes the skin to immediately tighten and make collagen to reinforce the strength of the skin for long-lasting results with almost no downtime! Everything you need all rolled up into one!

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