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Stretch Marks

People with stretch marks are often extremely frustrated because they have done everything “right,” taking all the proper actions to eliminate stretch marks like proper diet, toning exercises, and the application of topical creams — but the stretch marks remain. Fortunately there are now some excellent options for the professional removal of stretch marks.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are tears in the dermis – the thick layer of tissue beneath the epidermis that forms the true skin. These tears occur when the skin is stretched beyond its natural ability to accommodate additional volume, as in pregnancy or extreme weight gain. Stretch marks are generally linear. They can range in length from very short to many inches.

What causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are essentially caused by the stretching of the skin, just as the name would imply. Pregnancy is a common time for stretch marks to happen, especially in the belly area since that is where the growing baby lives. Weight gain is another common cause of skin stretching, resulting in unsightly stretch marks.

There may also be a strong genetic component to stretch marks: If your mother has stretch marks, your chances of getting them are significantly increased.

Stretch mark removal

Natural Radiance has several effective solutions for the removal of stretch marks. The solution for your situation is largely dependent upon the type of stretch mark and the color. Stretch marks can range from white to pink to red or brown, but a solution is available for any type of stretch marks.

Some patients may have great results with the fractional laser resurfacing treatment, while others may need other forms of treatment. For example, patients with the more recently-formed reddish stretch marks may need IPL with Vibradermabrasion, while patients with darker skin will often get better results from Chemical Peels with Vibradermabrasion.


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