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Thin Eyebrows and Lashes

When your lashes are not as thick and full as you want, no amount of mascara can fix the problem. This is actually a medical condition called hypotrichosis, and is usually caused by genetics and the aging process. As women age, lashes become thinner, shorter and may even lose their dark color.

At first, makeup can fix the problem, but if the lashes get thin enough, even mascara will not help. In the past, women simply had to live with this as part of the aging process, but not anymore. Now, women struggling with thin or light lashes can turn to Latisse®, the first and only FDA approved treatment for hypotrichosis. With the help of the team at Natural Radiance, you can see your lashes grow thick and long again!

At Natural Radiance, we believe the Latisse® solution is an effective and safe way for our patients to encourage natural growth of their eyelashes, and we are pleased to offer this treatment to our Scottsdale clients.

Thinning brows are a separate problem. The best solution for eyebrows that you would like to change is a visit to our master permanent make-up artist.

You do not have to live with thinning, short eyelashes, or eyebrows that you want to change. Give Natural Radiance a call today to to schedule a consultation to learn more about these treatments.

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