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Unwanted Tattoos

There are many reasons why an individual may want to remove a tattoo. It could be a regretted impulse, changing life circumstances, a poor job done by the artist, or even a career choice. Perhaps you want to revise a Permanent Make-Up result that is not working for you. Because of these reasons and more, Natural Radiance offers laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale, to patients from all over.

Laser tattoo removal is a simple, laser-based procedure that safely and effectively removes a tattoo(s) that an individual no longer wants. Our laser can remove any sort and style of tattoo, from amateur to professional and from brand-new to decades old. The darker, contrasting colors of the tattoo will absorb the wavelengths of the laser, effectively breaking its colors into fragments. This is done all while protecting the surrounding skin, which does not absorb the laser due to the contrast differences.

Because the laser focuses on the darker and more pigmented areas of the skin and surroundings, laser tattoo removal tends to be a bit less effective in fully removing a tattoo for those who have darker skin or tattoos of multiple colors — yet significant reduction is still very possible. When the laser’s light energy shatters the pigments of the tattoo, the body’s immune response will send fluid to the area to flush the ink away. Small ink particles will eventually be naturally flushed out of the body over a period of days, weeks, or months. Over the course of multiple treatments, the tattoo will become progressively lighter and lighter — until eventually it disappears altogether.

Fading for covering up tattoo

Many individuals decide to cover up an unwanted tattoo with a new one. In this case, fading the old tattoo is helpful. The existing tattoo will not fade completely, but can become light enough that a tattoo artist can cover it easily with another one.

Partial or custom tattoo removal

In a partial tattoo removal, instead of removing the entire tattoo the lasers will only treat specific parts. This option is also great for tattoos that are distorted, too large, or have too much shading.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

Many people have second thoughts after getting their eyebrows tattooed. Fortunately, even though this tattoo is a form of permanent makeup, it can be removed. Not everyone is a candidate, but we invite you to see us for a consultation if you are interested in this treatment.

Accident or trauma tattoo removal

A completely different type of tattoo is an “accidental” or “traumatic” tattoo. These can occur when a foreign substance such as asphalt, sand, grass, etc. penetrates the skin and the skin itself heals over the substance after a vehicular accident. Laser tattoo removal can improve this condition in as little as 1-2 treatments.

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