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Muscle Weakness

Are you noticing that your muscle just do not look or work the same as they did before? Why isn’t exercising working anymore? There are many reasons to have decreased muscle mass, and the holistic approach at Natural Radiance is uniquely equipped to identify the issues and address them fully.

Do not let you muscle size and tone just waste away. This does not have to be part of the aging process. As we age, our muscles do received the same signals they did before and as a result they begin to shrivel away. Natural Radiance will provide those signals again. Take a journey with triple board-certified Scott Edwards MD as he evaluates you as a whole person and build a proper foundation for overall wellness. The foundation to build and maintain lean muscle mass is your diet, so a Holistic Nutrition consult may be in order.

Sometime your nutritional deficiencies are so great that you need a stronger boost to bring you back to baseline. In these cases, IV therapy can be helpful to provide what your body is starving for!

Another common reason for unwanted body changes are hormone imbalances. Cortisol, sex hormones, and thyroid hormones must be balanced properly so their metabolic activity can be optimized. Every hormone in your body has a purposeful function and to focus on some and not on others, may actually make you feel worse. This is why it is important that a qualified physician, like triple board-certified Scott Edwards MD, manages your hormones and recommends a proper Hormone Replacement program.

Only after your overall wellness is optimized can you begin to enhance certain metabolic process by the use of strategically prescribed peptides. Peptide therapy works by stimulating natural pathways in your body to achieve a particular goal, in this case more energy.

Dr. Edwards at Natural Radiance is ready to take years off your body by helping you build more youthful muscle size and tone. Call Natural Radiance for an appointment or use our online scheduler.

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